The journey to the here and now.

A creative agency that helped NPOs

We started out about 10 years ago utilizing creative tools and services to help NPOs. With a background in both business and ministry, our founder had a desire to use these skills to better the faith based world. This season, gave us wonderful opportunities to serve ministries creatively around the world. We traveled, tried new things, won some awards. Made a lot of creative things. It was amazing.

But something was brewing underneath that we soon could not ignore anymore. We were observing a trend that began to bother us. While we were in a great position to help organizations, we started realizing that we were only helping organization get better on the outside. We were making brands, telling stories, producing videos, building websites that presented and told stories well. But the challenges that most of the ministries we were serving were deeper that the external creative work could solve.

Then 2020 hit

As covid hit, this reality hit us hard. We watched ministries struggle for things like money, visibility, relevancy when the world around them went online. Brands who had a strong foundation of who they were and were they were going were able to navigate the chaos a bit easier than other. Organizations that thought strategically were able to pivot and re-orient their teams to continue doing ministry. Many of these ministries stepped into the space to care and serve differently but effectively because they were equipped to do so. Organizations that had focused more on surface things or the panic of fundraising accomplished less that those who were.

We were at a crossroad

This brought us to a decision. Continue to be a service provider or become something else? We decided that Keenly was really about helping leaders who desired to do better ministry. So we came back to what we valued most.

What we do today is based upon what we value as leaders and as an organization.

  • Loving Others

    Matthew 22:36-40

  • Being an Encouraging Voice

    Ephesians 4:29

  • Equipping Leaders for Better Ministry

    Ephesians 4:12

  • Challenging Old Thinking

    Romans 12:1-2

  • Celebrating how God uses Ordinary People to Accomplish Extraordinary things

    Hebrews 11

We bring these core principles into everything we do to help leaders do better ministry everywhere. We focus on specific areas of improvement in any organization infusing these values into a ministry's vision & direction, strategic thinking, practical ministry practices and internal and external communication. These areas, when improved, place an organization on a path to do better ministry.

How about you?

If you resonate with this journey and feel like you are on a similar path, we’d love to talk to you. Maybe we can do some better ministry together.