A lot of ministries struggle with effective communication

We help ministries identify issues and improve their communication so they can do better ministry.

Better Communication = Better Ministry

primary areas ministries struggle with


  • Vision & Direction

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Practical Ministry

  • Communication

Our Goal?

To equip ministry leaders to overcome these barriers and reach more, help more & do more.

We believe Better Ministry is possible!

Things we do to accomplish this

  • Evaluation & Study

    We assess the current realities of both individual ministries and the greater ministry space. This gives us an understanding of what is happening.

  • Find Solutions to Ministry Problems

    Sometimes ministries reach a point where they don't know what to do. We work together to overcome these barriers.

  • Coaching & Training

    We use workshops and coaching to equip ministries to identify and overcome what is holding them back.

  • Networked Innovation

    We utilize content-oriented, creative, and technical tools to help ministries improve their communication through a team of like-minded organizations & creatives.

We've worked with some great organziations